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Before the 1919 World Series began Jake Guentzel Youth Jersey , many people noticed the fact that major gamblers were putting down a tremendous amount of money on the Reds. This caused people to wonder if something was going on. So, before the first pitch was even thrown, some people were resolved to closely examine all the White Sox players and how the players performed in each game.

Back then the World Series was a best of nine series instead of a best of seven series as it is today. In the very first game Matt Murray Youth Jersey , on the very first pitch, White Sox pitcher Eddie Cicotte hit Red's batter Morrie Rath in the back. This was a signal to the gamblers that the Black Sox would go ahead with the plan to fix the Series.

Arnold Chick Gandil, the White Sox first baseman Derick Brassard Youth Jersey , was the leader of the fix. It's said that the entire thing was his idea. Along with his friend, known gambler Joseph Sport Sullivan, they allegedly convinced 7 other White Sox players to take part in the fix as well. These players accepted money in exchange for allowing the Reds to win the necessary 5 games in the Series.

The players who agreed to throw the series for money most likely did so for 2 reasons: they wanted needed more money than what they were making playing baseball and they didn't like White Sox owner Charles Comiskey.

The most interesting player involved in the Black Sox fix is Shoeless Joe Jackson. Jackson was one of the greatest ball players of his era. He confessed to fixing the games at first but then took back his confession. He maintained his innocence until the day he died.

Jackson batted .375 in the Series and made several spectacular defensive plays Sidney Crosby Premier Jersey , including throwing out 5 base runners from his centerfield position. He also made 30 outs without committing any errors. However, in the games that the White Sox lost, Jackson's batting average was much lower and he failed to make a play on a ball hit his way. The play resulted in a triple and was not ruled an error.

Shoeless Joe did accept $5000 from the gamblers. He later tried to give back the money but to no avail. Though he was found innocent of taking part in the fixing of the games Jake Guentzel Premier Jersey , Jackson was kicked-out of the Major Leagues and would never again be a big league player.

The story of the Chicago Black Sox continues to interest people to this day. The movie Eight Men Out tells the story of what happened. The fact that players accepted money to fix the biggest series in the most popular sport in America at the time will always be a black eye for America's most storied game.
Home > Parenting > Good ParentingA solid strategy is necessary if you want to sell house fast

Posted by sophiamilller in Home on July 26th, 2012

Selling a home right now is not the easiest task to do. Nowadays, people are very specific on what they want in a home and the words ugly Matt Murray Premier Jersey , unkempt and damaged are the keywords that make them cringe as they slow their car in front of your house. For the money they are willing to pay and for the asking price you are requesting, buyers want to get the best value. They do not want to invest on repairs right after buying a home. That being said, homeowners must learn to make some preparations before the home becomes appealing enough for some company say “we buy houses!” and show interest about your property.

Major concerns

Older homes that have been around for more than 10 years would be showing some signs of wear and tear. Do not feel nostalgic about it when you want to sell house fast. Nostalgia make us feel emotional about various parts of the room but if the house looks outdated Derick Brassard Premier Jersey , nobody would want to buy the home especially for new families. People want something fresh, clean and nice and so you really have to invest some money to fix major issues, brighten up the home and improve its curb appeal. Look at the home holistically so that you can make better design decisions.

Finding the right buyers

It is tough to market your own home even if it was already staged to perfection. Make sure that you open your marketing efforts online and with the help of a good company or realtor. A good realtor is not just a good marketer; he or she should be a good advisor. They can offer insights especially if you want to sell the home at a good asking price or sell house fast. We Buy Houses companies are also good options if you want to stage your home to a much bigger market. Do not limit your marketing options and make sure that you consult with a realtor if the deal is good and if the asking price is just right for the value and appeal of the property.

Setting the price

Unrealistically high asking rates are not ideal for this current market. The times are difficult right now and even with a stylish looking home Authentic Sidney Crosby Jersey , crazy prices can be a red flag for any buyer. Some are willing to sell the house with additional 3% after the staging. Some are willing to sell on the original price. It all depends on the condition of the house. Are the foundations solid? Are there any broken glasses? Is the roofing intact? Is there water damage? Structural damage affects the price more than anything else so make sure that you are fair with the price you are asking.

If you want to sell house fast, you have to take some effort in making the home worth the time and money of buyers. You can find that some people are just looking for the right home at the right price and it is possible to find them: you just have to make the effort to make it a reality.

Selling a house is easier when done properly. We offer top quality services so that we can Sell house fast . we buy houses also and we make sure that you get the right value for your home. Visit our website and find out more about our services.

Finance > Insurance > Home InsuranceThe Perfect Home Theater System

Posted by nick_niesen in Finance on October 27th, 2010

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